Social science 5 Primary: workbook. Savia por Cristina Quincy Avilés

Descargar Social science 5 Primary: workbook. Savia.PDF

Social science 5 Primary: workbook. Savia

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Título del libro: Social science 5 Primary: workbook. Savia
Autor: Cristina Quincy Avilés
Número de páginas: 80
Idioma: Inglés
Año de publicación: 5/15/2015
Otra información: información adicional no disponible.
Formato: PDF – EPUB
Editorial: U.D. Publishing S.A. de C.V.

Descargar Social science 5 Primary: workbook. Savia

Este libro recibe el nombre de Social science 5 Primary: workbook. Savia y fue escrito por Cristina Quincy Avilés. Llega a todos nosotros gracias al trabajo de la editorial U.D. Publishing S.A. de C.V.. Un libro muy interesante que ponemos a disposición de todo aquel que lo quiera descargar.

Fue publicado en el año 5/15/2015 y se encuentra disponible gratis para ser descargado en idioma Inglés. Con un total de páginas de 80, es un título muy descargado en nuestro sitio.

Los formatos disponible para bajarlo son PDF y Epub. Para hacerlo, únicamente es necesario continuar con el enlace. Si te interesa algún otro libro de la misma categoría, o de otros géneros, puedes encontrarlos navegando en el sitio.

Resumen del libro:
Encuadernación: Rústica Colección: Savia Cuaderno del alumno At SM we know that education stands for development. ‘Savia’ means ‘sap’ in Spanish, and, just like plant sap, education nourishes, develops and generates life, and it is in constant renovation. Education is the new sap that fuels the future.This is Savia: a global project designed for all educational stages underpinned by a solid model based on values education where everything revolves around the pupil and aims to improve their results by focusing on different learning rhythms and styles. The project emerges from our mission to service and help teachers, providing them with the ideal resources to perform their everyday tasks. Savia reflects our commitment to education through the flexible introduction of new methodologies and technologies that can efficiently improve the quality of education.These are Savia’s educational roots:Everything revolves around the pupil: Pupils are the genuine focus of this educational process. Each person perceives reality in a different, unique way. Savia provides the tools to introduce pupils to each topic smoothly, motivating them and respecting their pace and their individual learning style. This ensures effective results.Support for the teacher: We have created Savia as a team effort, working with teachers to create a common project. With them in mind, Savia integrates practical and effective resources that make their work easier in the classroom. In addition, the collaboration between SM and the teachers does not end when the book reaches the classroom. Thanks to a network of pedagogical advisors, teachers can access direct support at their school at any given moment during the school year. This permanent exchange with teachers will also help us constantly improve our materials.Commitment to education: Savia manifests the trust we place in the power of education to better society. Based on both methodological innovation and value education, Savia introduces pupils to an educational method adapted to their characteristics and to the requirements demanded by contemporary society.The keys to Savia:Understand first, then learn: Understanding is the key to learning. With this in mind, Savia focuses on different mechanisms that help pupils internalise and integrate content: providing a context for contents, hands-on activities and experiential learning.Construct your own learning style: Pupils start learning by performing hands-on activities. With this in mind, Savia provides teachers with plenty of age-appropriate resources adapted to the educational contents.Focus on different learning rhythms and styles: Savia offers specific proposals that focus on diversity in each unit. The materials created with this diversity in mind and the specific programmes adapt the content to different learning levels and styles, enabling a customised education. Specific resources, proposed review, reinforcement and extension activities, test generator and Saviadigital.Support for the teacher: Practical and effective resources that make their work easier in the classroom: Essential guide, proposals and materials to help children learn through hands-on activities, tools to pursue quality education based on evaluation, Saviadigital and Back-Up Programme.Methodological innovation: Savia provides teachers with innovation programmes that can be implemented organically in regular classroom dynamics at the pace and with the scope established by each teacher and school: Cooperative learning, Learning to think and Multiple intelligences.Learn to live and to coexist: The Savia project promotes value education, granting it a key role in education. All units are conceptualized around a value, following a programme across the different stages.

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