A Day Saved por Taylor, Peter

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A Day Saved

Título del ebook: A Day Saved
Autor: Taylor, Peter
Editorial: Cambridge University Press
Categoría: ELT
Fecha de publicación: 10/4/1979
Número de páginas: 144
ISBN: 9780521225946
Idioma: Español
Más información del libro: ELT: libros de lectura escalonados según grado de dificultad


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Descripción del libro:

How does a man become successful although unable to read or write? How does a woman get her final revenge on her husband? What happens when a man invites friends to a party at which he himself doesn’t appear, but watches from a distance? What happens to a boy who feels fated to be a genius? These are some of the questions dealt with in the ten stories in this collection. The stories, by important modern authors, have been specially selected for advanced students of English. They are not simplified, but vocabulary explanations and notes are provided in order to help comprehension.

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